• Manually arrange the order of albums
  • View the swemos in an album as a list, as thumbnails on a map or browse through them like pages
  • Sort your swemos in each album by time, text or manually
  • Easily edit each swemo, edit title, text, change photo and location
  • Change the location of each swemo on the map easily
  • Copy swemo to other albums
  • Easily copy the albums from your device for backup and use them on other devices


  • Customize each album with a different cover, paper and font
  • For each album choose a font from all the fonts that your device supports
  • Choose one of more than 60 covers for each album
  • Change the color of the text on the cover
  • Choose a paper style for the swemos in an album from more than 30 styles
  • Choose a text-color for the swemos in an album
  • Put a cover photo on each album


  • Email your swemos
  • Post your swemos on your Facebook wall
  • Tweet your swemos (supported from iOS version 5)
  • Share your swemos with other users via Bluetooth
  • Send message with the text of a swemo