Best of Reisetagebücher @ "Swemos kommt im klassischen Kachellook daher und ist mit seiner Übersichtlichkeit der Favorit unseres Autors Mark Stöhr"

Vorgestellt als 'App to have' im Swiss International Airlines Boardmagazin.

Review @ "The bottom line, is that this is a remarkably charming app for creating photobooks of your pictures and has friendly sharing features built in. Overall rating: 4.5/5"

Review @ "A fresh new way to remember the cherished times of your life, Swemos is a great application. With tons of features, and an easy to use, beautiful interface start saving your memories right away."

Review @ "Swemos is an excellent app that lets you share priceless moments with friends and relatives. Rating: 4.5/5"

Erste Bewertung @ "4 von 5 iBalken"

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