Nomads & wanderers

You like to travel, photograph and keep your loved ones posted. You want to share all the beauty in the world, comment on it and let them know where exactly you are. You run into problems when internet access gets scarce. When you are abroad, Wifi is only available in hotels or the local Starbucks. You are wasting a lot of precious time in lobbies or corridors editing your posts. Sometimes you're losing everything you typed. And if you want to share in different ways, like email, Facebook or Twitter, you have to do a lot of retyping, copying & pasting. With Swemos you can do all the preparations offline. Concentrate on taking photos when you're enjoying a sweet moment. Later prepare as many swemos as you like, re-edit when you're in a plane, on a train or in an automobile. When adding a photo to a swemo, the time and location of that photo will be automatically attached to the swemo. If your companion(s) also use(s) Swemos, exchange your swemos (with photo, text, time and location) via Bluetooth. And once you do have Wifi, share them swemos in a blink. Meanwhile, you're creating a gorgeous travel journal where you can browse through all your swemos and see them as thumbnails on a map. Always know exactly where you were!

Dinner club

You go out with your friends and have dinner in a different restaurant on a regular basis. You want to capture each dinner, the restaurant, the location. You like to comment on the food, the service and being together. With Swemos you can do this in a snap. Just let the waiter take your picture and you're set! Share swemos via Bluetooth with your dinner buddies who also use Swemos. Let your friends on Facebook know your opinion of the restaurant and where it is. Tweet if you want to spread the word. Always have a list of restaurants in your pocket. Show them on the map if you want to locate one nearby.


So what's left of your marriage? Countless sweet memories, of course! Holy matrimony! With Swemos you can create beautiful wedding albums. The parent who's giving his/her child away. Saying those words. Putting on the rings. The Kiss. Signing the 'contract'. Cutting the cake. The tears, the laughter. And if you're inspired also include your honeymoon, or create a separate album if you like. Copy your wedding album (with everything in it) to other devices easily via iTunes.

Babies & kids

What produces more sweet moments than anything else? Right! Document every phase in your child's life with Swemos. The first ultrasound, birth, the first steps, the first potty. Build up an album with all those fleeting moments before they are gone! But when they're gone you know exactly what, where & when they happened. Luckily your iPhone is always prepared. Don't just take photos, but also write down what happened, what you felt & things you don't want to forget. Once the photos are copied to an album, you have a backup if something happens to your iPhone's photo roll. Always keep those moments close at heart!

City trips

Capture all the interesting places that you visit. Pinpoint that nearly 400 year old restaurant 'Zur letzten Instanz' where you enjoyed a delicious 'Sauerkraut mit Eisbein'. So, the next time you visit the city, you know exactly where to go. Make swemos of that computer game museum that's bringing back sweet memories, the bookstore where the last scene in the great movie "Das Leben der Anderen" was shot and the hotel or apartment where you stayed. Remember all the restaurants, monuments, museums and landmarks that you visited. Scatter that city map with your swemos!